What's the difference between static web pages and dynamic pages

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I just registered this forum, just like to learn about the technology. My question is that there's a difference between static web pages and dynamic pages. How to web sites?

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Static web page:
You write on the page = you'll see it on the page.
Dynamic page:
Given the process of the web page being calculated, it can be processed and returned to the web page.
For example, there's a web page operation, which is a static web page.
Also published logs, submitted comments, and the user 's data interaction, this is also a static web page.
Of course, the dynamic page is eventually rendered as a static web page, but the content of the web page is changed when the content of the web page from the dynamic page>.
Static web page html + css can get some good web design;
Dynamic pages can be divided into hosts and browsers:
Hosts need to interact with the server language using php asp python ruby, etc.
The browser needs javascript to interact with.
For this content you can visit http://w3school. Com. Cn to see the classification of the website tutorial.

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