An 9patch distortion problem in android

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By using android 's draw9patch, an interface is made, but the test found in a machine with different resolutions is missing.

It can be seen that there are distortion phenomena under 480x854. ( , although there's a stretch while editing a screenshot, you can see that the details of 320x480 are more clear ).

No, 9patch, it's resolution. 9 patch isn't scalable. In this case, 9patch itself is too small, and after scale distortion?

2 Answers

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The problem is resolved, as follows:

In order to place 9patch in a folder such as drawable and drawable hdpi, the distortion caused by stretching isn't generated. I'm at the beginning, lazy and easy to place 9patch files only under drawable, which may produce stretching.

I can refer to this article and the following reply -> http://www. Cnblogs. Com/qianxudetianxi..