How to remove adjacent two display: inline

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Html is as follows:


Css code:

span { 

On the page, there's a space gap between them, and I know that just removing the space between them shows normal:


But I want to know how to solve the problem by modifying css without having to modify the html, without using js.

2 Answers

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This reason is related to the type and size of the font.
Yahoo yui solution is to change letter-spacing and word-spacing to a negative value to solve ( different font values ), and ytzong gives a solution, written directly to -.5 em or larger http://www. 99css. com/archives/690.

.span {
 letter-spacing: -.5em;/* webkit: collapse white-space between units */
 *letter-spacing: normal;/* reset IE <8 */
 word-spacing: -.5em;/* IE <8 && gecko: collapse white-space between units */

I prefer to change the size of the pare not element by modifying the size of the pare not element:

p {
 font-size: 0;