How to configure a dns server for normal use in mac os?

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The problem is on the.

The question was previously asked, but it seems not clear, so no interest.

我在named里面配置了, 目的在于使用北京的ip上google.com防止google搜索抽风 ( you understand )
My profile is normal.

1 $TTL 86400 
 3 @ 1D IN SOA @ root (
 4 42 ; serial (d. adams)
 5 3H ; refresh
 6 15M ; retry
 7 1W ; expiry
 8 1D ) ; minimum
 10 1D IN NS @
 11 1D IN A
 12 * 1D IN A

But it's strange that the configuration of affects the access of google. Cn, which causes ping to ping, and I looked up a lot of data, 还是TM不明白我设置google.com域名关google.cn鸡毛事了.


Next, I set the dns for mac os 's network link to and, is on top, and there's a thing here, and 's network links seem to directly ignore No matter how I change the order, I can only remove the

Later I changed resovle. Conf to ( no is the default configuration, only the first row ).


Well, 从反馈的信息可以发现google.com用了 to parse, and then google. Cn uses to parse and also give the final ip address, but google, cn or tm isn't a good thing to do.

And I found that if I'm segmentfault.com等named里面根本没有配置的站点, or I told parsing, this time my world 's outlook and, I didn't mention these sites, why is my native parse. Of course, if named by the default configuration, but why is google, not?

After these two things, I found that the software on the mac os is using the other, logic, so it's a little bit more. And can explain reason in detail.

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Local domain names with no configured domain names are fully understood, because there are no configured domain names. Your dns will be sent to root requests in the root file system.

And the system selects which dns to do the domain name I estimate is random, of course, if a dns isn't available, it'll definitely choose another. But when both dns are available, it can randomly select one of them. You can do an experiment. Different domain names, see if two dns will come out.