I saw these things in mysql in the open source program, and what are these.

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In his user table; There's such a field that's called an email setting:
The value in it's like this:
Here's a second.
In the user table there's a rencent topic field, which is also:
Why have the fields that have such strange characters.

It's called wecenter.
Thanks to the answer, when storing a binary data, it can be serialized. But I'm trying to an array. I can save it in json, and it can be serialized.
Who's better.

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On top of that, supplement, because the database cannot be stored in an array, can only convert the serialized function with php into a string.
We can deserialize strings with unserialize(), resulting in:

Array ( [FOLLOW_ME] => N [NEW_ANSWER] => N ) 
Array ( [0] => 化妆 )