Tomcat set unpackWARs = true, the war package is updated

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Is the problem with automatic deployment, 6.x 7. x sets unpackWARs = true by default, autodeploy = true
Copy war to web app, tomcat unzip and deploy, but if you copy the new war package when you stop tomcat, I expect tomcat will find the new war package.
However, the official documentation for tomcat is:
When you start, the application directory is checked, and if there are associated with it, the war package is redeploy when the updated war package exists;

The actual situation and the document aren't consistent, someone knows the problem.

1 Answers

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If you redeploy an updated war file, be sure to delete the expanded directory when restarting tomcat, so the war war file will ( note that, auto, automatically, automatically ).
https://tomcat. Apache. Org/tomcat-5. 5-doc/config/host. Html # automatic application deployment.