How do linux set up the network?

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I installed a"centos 5. 4"on the previous computer to install it with a cd.
No installation interface programs are installed to install the server part to be used for the setup and deployment of the learning server. But I didn't have a long time.
The problem is how I can set up the network through the full command line and let me link the internet and work on the lan. It's useful? how is it. Thank you.
Ps: # -nr
To print a message: Destination gateway Genmask flags irtt iface no value

2 Answers

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Another way, write the following commands in your. Bashrc file or any script which will run or.

ifconfig eth0 netmask up

Then check the route info, with the command:

route -n

Correctly make sure the gateway is set.
Also not the dns in the file/etc/resol.conf.