How virtual machines access local sites for mac hosts?

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Host ( mac ) access local site url is
I talled vmware fusion virtual machines ( windows 7 ), network adapter selection nat mode shared mac links.

Development is developed in the host, because it isn't accessible to the virtual machine to enter directly by debugging the virtual machine, the ip address of the host is, the url to, or isn't accessible.

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In nat mode, the host addresses great access to the ip address of the virtual machine, such as, so his host address is usually the gateway address ( this gateway address isn't guaranteed to be in your network connection ).

But many people find the host address and can be ping, but can't access the mac host 's 80 port. It's because mac is default firewall settings, you need to find Web共享 in 系统偏好设置->共享, open it.

But this setting is simply open 80 ports, if you need to open other ports, such as 8080, need to be set up in the firewall. 系统偏好设置->安全->防火墙 If you're too lazy, turn it off directly.