There's a good database synchronization tool.?

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Users may have some requirements, resulting in database modification.
Currently, the database is deployed, Beijing dot, set up a database,, a database, guangzhou, xi. And so on, the future plans to make a distributed system to collect data from all the databases, and now it's. The country is connected.

Now the problem is that the database changes the structure, how to synchronize it across the database, and now manually sync, the trouble is, every time I.

Even worse, some structure changes need to clean up data, process the data, and then them.

Facing n databases, updates are very cumbersome.

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Good tools aren't visible, and the idea is to have some:

  • For product development, as a software developer, you sell the software, the customer is naturally upgrading, so this must be the inevitable. This method is mainly a change in the mind.
  • development, as a service provider, you sell a service, for better service, only centralized, automated management. Find open source or develop a database change release system, and can even open this thing open source;

More than one of the experts, the experts are so few points, said the following:

  • can make the machine to do the things, don't let people do;
  • The standardized management and process is beneficial to the development of the development and implementation;

If I do, I'll do what I do:
Now that the database structure is standard, there's a central service in several places ( such as svn ) providing a standard structure, each of which has a.

My basic principle is that as long as the automation system workload doesn't exceed the of all single execution workloads, we're also doing so.

At the end of the point:


up: I want to get up, you can look at puppet.