How the timeline function in webo should design data structures

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I've seen some technical articles, but there's no good explanation for some technical details. For example, now the timeline has two design patterns, one is push, one is pull.

Push the way to read the time, which means that you send a webo that will push your information to the nodes of all your fans. My question is

  • It'll not be too slow, many of the star members have millions of fans, and they like the screen, such as. Does that send the system?
  • And when we unfollow a user, how do we delete the information from our listening node? is it too slow?

The way you pull it, it's time to write, anyway, you've to write your own node. But I'm wondering whether this implementation is realistic, and the biggest thing is reading speed, and I haven't found an appropriate structure under the existing database system to make reading faster, unless there's a special database to solve this problem. For example, a graph database is now a good fit to solve the problem in sns, and don't know how to solve this problem.

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Both of the above answers are good, such as twitter, com, and twwiter sites, which must be used in your way of pushing.
As for deletion and modification, ace is, pushed a message id.

Sina webo 's technical manager timyang has a ppt to talk about these details, and you can see: http://static. Slidesharecdn. com/swf/s..